Caves and cliffs and just us

Dear Friends, Today was another great snorkel! We went out early at La Jolla Cove, to a high tide but gentle waves. It was so gorgeous and vibrant. We saw so many Garibaldi and several sea lions swam by us. But the highlight was swimming around the eastern point to a line of caves andContinue reading “Caves and cliffs and just us”

Dealing with a lot!

Dear Friends, I have had some absolutely exciting opportunities and achievements pop up lately! But this also stirs up all sorts of difficult feelings as well, like fear of failure and sadness over time lost and stress. Our brains are so funny! So I wrote a few poems today about all of this. This oneContinue reading “Dealing with a lot!”

The Ocean & Us: Sharing the Energy of Waves

Dear Friends, Welcome to the updated The Ocean and Us! I am so proud of our new focus, and so proud of our original episodes as well. We are starting off our renewed series with and interview with my friend Joshua Greiner. He is a fellow Speller, and also an active poet and surfer andContinue reading “The Ocean & Us: Sharing the Energy of Waves”

Seen and heard and loved

Dear Friends, My goodness, I am so touched by how many have liked and commented on and messaged about and shared my last post on Instagram and Facebook! Over 650 on Instagram. And now over 2000 followers on Instagram and 1500+ on Facebook. Wow. I am so amazed that you care about what I haveContinue reading “Seen and heard and loved”

Under the Weather

Dear Friends, Wow, am I ever feeling run down. I have been pretty low in energy the past couple of weeks, and a busy couple of days at the end of last week really drained me. It is so frustrating to not have more resilience in my body, and tough to understand how I amContinue reading “Under the Weather”

On Contentment

Dear Friends, During therapy today, my amazing therapist and I were discussing contentment and the tendency for trauma to leave a legacy of hypervigilance and anxiety. I have been working so hard to manage these, so so so hard, and making progress and growing more resilient. At one point, I realized: it is so muchContinue reading “On Contentment”

2 Years Ago: A soul illuminated by a class

Dear Friends, Two years ago, I wrote my first real class assignment! It was for Modern & Contemporary American Poetry (ModPo), a course on Coursera taught by U Penn. It so lit up my life, and opened up my world to the power and art of poetry. The professor, Al Filreis, was so welcoming ofContinue reading “2 Years Ago: A soul illuminated by a class”

Leo in Bloom, Aug 2022 Issue

Dear Friends, This is a reminder that I have an online magazine Leo in Bloom about nonspeaking autistic experiences, including my own. We just wrapped up August’s issue on the theme Blooming into Communication, and I hope you are able to peruse and enjoy! Your Friend, Danny

All I Can Say

Dear Friends, Here are some tough feelings I have been heavy with this week. Thank you to Unrestricted Interest for sharing this in your newsletter, The Listening World (I recommend subscribing for more poems from neurodivergent authors, including some of my friends)! Link: I am so hoping this resonates with you. Your Friend, DannyContinue reading “All I Can Say”

Sea Lions on Parade

Dear Friends, We are shifting the focus of The Ocean and Us to be more about adaptive ways of interacting with the ocean! We have new interview episodes coming up starting next week. And I will still be sharing my own ocean journey! Speaking of, yesterday we snorkeled La Jolla Cove. I was so tiredContinue reading “Sea Lions on Parade”