Man Overboard

This is a poem I presented in July for International Association for Spelling as Communication‘s Neurolyrical Cafe open mic night. It is about disillusionment and conflict. Man overboard by Danny WhittyFarther than an isolated atoll,Adrift alone.Weakened and forgotten.What am I?What is this place?What am I to do?Adrift.Alone.Weak.Forgotten.You forgot me.

I Friend You

Written August 2020. I was inspired to write this after learning more about social media from my sisters. I friend you by Danny Whitty They do not really feel,But instead of really feelingBow down to their egos. Merely to scratch lightlyAt the nagging itchyConscience. Merely to display mediocreVirtue to the worldIn the screen. They areContinue reading “I Friend You”

Body, Voice, Vision

I presented this at I-ASC‘s monthly Neurolyrical Cafe in August 2020. This has been on my mind a lot lately. It is a common feeling for autistics like me. Please try to understand. Body, Voice, Vision by Danny Whitty That is the boringworry in my head.That is the blandissue on my mind.That is the stressfulnaggingContinue reading “Body, Voice, Vision”

Salsa with Ease

This was written for the Cow Tipping Summer Writing Workshop earlier this summer, in about 10 minutes. The prompt was to write a humorous how-to article. I actually would love to do more like this. HOW TO SALSA WITH EASE by Danny Whitty When you salsa dance it is important to stare intensely into your partner’s eyes.Continue reading “Salsa with Ease”

Seaside Vigil

This poem was written for the Cow Tipping Summer Writing Workshop earlier this summer. It was written in 10 minutes, but I love how it turned out. It is about missing my dad. Seaside Vigil by Danny Whitty Walking on the sand I am at peace,The saltwater puts me at ease.Waves roaring in my ears,ItContinue reading “Seaside Vigil”